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Fifth Generation


26 August 1891 - 04 August 1958


Fifth and youngest daughter of William Lawson and Ellen Gossling, known as Batty. Married Philip Tenison Smith (17.04.1917) of Ryde IOW on 16 December 1920 in Clive, New Zealand. Philip and Batty both emigrated to New Zealand.

Two children -
Anthony Richard (Dick) - 02 February 1922 - 18 April 1945. Shot down over Norlund Forest in Aarlborg, Denmark.
Bettina Madeleine - 08 December 1929 - May 1996

Batty and her husband, Philip

According to Carol now Harding, (Batty's niece) Batty was a heroine - it seems they were very poor in New Zealand and lived on a farm - possibly an asparagas farm in maybe Wellington. They were so poor they lived in a wooden shed with no conveniences. Every year during the war she would send Carol's family a huge fruit cake soldered into a tin wrapped in Bettina's outgrown dresses, which fitted Carol, perfectly. (Carol says the cake was delicious!)

Batty in the garden at 88 High Street, Lymington

Batty, with Philip, John and Madge Clark and Anthony Richard (Dick)

Batty and Philip's children

Anthony Richard

Bettina Madeleine


Theodora Mary (Batty) 26.08.1891 04.08.1958
=Philip Tenison-Smith - 17.04.1917 - June 1976
Anthony Richard (Dick) Tenison-Smith - 02.02.1922 - 18.04.1945
Bettina Madeleine Tenison-Smith - 08.12.1929 - May 1996
= Desmond James Hill - ? - ?

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Theodora Mary