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Sixth Generation


01 November 1910 - 09 April 1989


Elder twin son of Reginald William and Edith Helen nee Ashford. Married, Nancy Margaret Cree of Northwich (11 March 1913 - 27 July 2000) on 26 February 1936 at St. Johns Malone, Northern Ireland.

One daughter
Ann Jayne - 11 October 1936 - to date, in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

No history of the early years but both twins attended Wrekin College, Shropshire. John had rheumatic fever when he was 17. No qualifications but became a draughtsman and later an architecural engineer and surveyor

The youngsters!

21st Birthday

Moved about during the war years. Some time in Ealing, London; Northern Ireland; Shrewsbury and Cirencester. No details. Finally settled in Liss near Petersfield, Hampshire. John worked for Petersfield Rural District Council until his retirement in 1975

His hobbies were the garden and stamp collecting and listening to classical music. During the mid 50s John designed and surveyed his own house building 'Crees Corner' in Steep, Petersfield.

John developed glaucoma and was no longer able to drive, so in 1986 he and Nancy moved to Petersfield Town centre to Rushbrook Cottage, Grenehurst Way.

John died at home and was cremated at Chichester Crematorium. His ashes are scattered in the garden at Rushbrook Cottage.

A Thanksgiving memorial service was held on Ascension Day 04 May 1989 at All Saints Church, Steep
Tributes by his younger brother Tony for his family life, By Anthony Swann a working colleague and Reginald Dingwall, a fellow philatelist


John and Nancy on holiday in Torquay

John Neville 1910 09 April 1989
Nancy Margaret Cree - 11 March 1913 - 27 July 2000
Ann Jayne - 11 October 1936 to date
Joanna Perrett - 19 December 1972 to date
Amelia May Perrett-Hulme - 15 November 2010 to date

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John Neville