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Fourth Generation

20 February 1847 - 15 June 1931 in Guildford

This photo was at first attributed to be Sissy, but we are unable to find any details of a person of this name, so feel that maybe it was a nickname of the eldest daughter, Amelia. This may therefore be a photograph of Amelia, but there is no confirmation of this.

Fifth child and eldest daughter of Robert John and Phoebe Green

Amelia's Birth Certificate

Amelia's Death Certificate

Wonderful to receive the following information after all these years! Many thanks to the sender.
2021 March 20th I received an email from someone who lives in a house in Lymington, which was built on land that once belonged to Amelia and other un-named family members. It was bought in 1902 by a Vicar who, it is presumed subsequently built the present house there.
A quote from the Register states - "A Conveyance of the land in this title and other land dated 8 December 1902 made between (1) Amelia Phoebe Klitz and others (Vendors) and (2) The Reverend George Wood (Purchaser) contains covenants details of which are set out in the schedule of restrictive covenants hereto."

A family autograph book is amongst the memorabilia that has survived these many years. There is no acknowledgement as to whom the book belonged but several family members contributed to its pages.

The French have taste in all they do
Which we are much without.
The language which to them gave gut
To us gave only gout.


Condemn not in such haste
Three letters from appealing.
The French gut is only taste
Our English gout is feeling.

Signed: Siss Jan. 6/1871 (Amelia)

Mary, Fanny, Amelia, Louisa and Emilie Annie (centre front)
Please note: The identities of the girls in this photo, with the exception of the youngest, Emily Annie, is pure guesswork! We have no confirmation of the others.