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Third Generation

1810 - 16 February 1864 in Lymington

Third known child of Georg Philip and Elizabeth Lane
Married Ariane of Marylebone, (1815 - 1887 1st qtr) who was a Doctor of Language
Charles' Death registered in Hackney.

No children found

Charles was a Professor of Music and organist of St. Thomas Church, Lymington - "Whose gentle, kindly disposition secured the respect and goodwill of the entire public"

He lived at 67 High Street Lymington from 1851 until his death.

Hampshire Telegraph 24 February 1840
An account of the burial of Sir Harry Burrard Neale, who was for many years M.P. for Lymington. "At Lymington church Mr P. Klitz presided at the organ".

Gas lamps arrived along the streets of Lymington in 1832. A handsome standard which now stands along the riverfront near the Royal Lymington Yacht Club, denotes that illuminating event.
Inscriptions around the base recall: "Erected by subscription as a tribute of respect and gratitude to Admiral Sir Harry Neale for his munificent gift of the iron columns for the public lamps in this town. 1832."

We have in our possession a list of the subscribers to this memorial and Charles Klitz is among the many names of people mentioned. His donation was 1.00.

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