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CHARLOTTE AMELIA LYTE - 1812 - 03 June 1863

Wife of Philip Klitz - 1805 - 1854


Charlotte was half-sister to Henry Francis Lyte, composer of 'Abide with Me'.

Thanks to Stan Austin for the following information:

Henry Maximilian Lyte - 1761-1834 and Thomas Mohun Lyte - 1766-1850 were brothers and both held the rank of Captain in the Royal Marines. Henry Maximilian Lyte is Stan's 4 x Great Grandfather

Henry Francis Lyte was the second son of Thomas Lyte (above) with Anna Maria Oliver
Charlotte Amelia Lyte, born in St. Clements, Jersey, Channel Islands, was the fourth child (of 8 children) of the same Thomas Lyte but with his wife Elizabeth Naghton) married in Ireland.

Stan also found the Will of Thomas Maximilian Lyte who died in Newfoundland. It was on the death of his wife, Ann Maximilian Lyte when the Will was published, in which it mentions Charlotte and her son George as beneficiaries

Another Lyte family researcher in contact with Stan, mentioned that Charlotte was in the habit of staying with her half brother, Henry Francis, the poet, where she was a much-loved and welcome visitor to the family home. This was before her marriage to Philip.

Note here our records show that Henry Frances Lyte, poet, once held the curacy at St. Thomas Church, Lymington and he lived at Sway in the New Forest at this time. Maybe how Philip and Charlotte met?

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