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Fifth Generation

1894 - 27 November 1958


Third son of Arthur Everard and Kate Cooper.

Bachelor. Auctioneer and Senior partner in Pierce, Thorpe & Marriott. Lived at 5 Albion Place, Northampton with his sister, Kitty.

Christopher was an able musician but did not go into the family business. He did however write the following pieces which are preserved in the Northamptonshire museum.

Complete manuscript score of setting of Macaulay's 'The Spanish Armada' for Bass Solo, chorus and large orchestra

Songs with pianoforte accompaniment

Piano solo (Sonata in C minor) - unfinished

Other sketches etc. all probably between 1913 and 1916

Bundle of composition lessons - dates 1933 - 1934


The sympathy of many friends is being extended to Miss Katherine M. Klitz in the bereavement she has suffered through the death of her brother Mr. Christopher James Klitz who died at his home 5 Albion Place, Northampton.

Mr. Klitz had suffered indifferent health for a long time with arthritis, and it further deteriorated during the past two years, despite the fact that he spent two months in hospital.

Sixty four years of age, Mr. Klitz was a former senior partner in the Northampton firm of Pierce, Thorpe, & Marriott, auctioneers and estate agents, in which capacity he became widely known in town and county.
The son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Klitz, he joined the firm as an articled pupil to the late Mr. C. E. Thorpe in 1911, and retired in 1956. He was a connoisseur of antique furniture and china and dealt mainly with this side of the business during his long association with the firm.

In private life Mr. Klitz was an accomplished pianist and organist and a devout churchman.

He was a past member of the Pomfret Lodge of Freemasons, a member of the Chapter and Rose Choir, and formerly an officer of the Provincial Lodge.

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Christopher James