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Fourth Generation

01 May 1851 - 13 April 1918

Wife of William Lawson

Ellen had a brother, Thomas, who was unfortunately drowned at Mudeford when he was only 17 years. We have tried to make a connection with the Gossling family tree and with Ellen and Thomas' father, Thomas Gossling, senior, but so far no responses.

A family autograph book is amongst the memorabilia that has survived these many years. There is no acknowledgement as to whom the book belonged but several family members contributed to its pages. Some of the references in the book lead us to think that it might have belonged to Ellen. So included here are two further items from within its pages. The first of these bears a handmade initialled signature. If anyone is able to identify the first initial it would give a clue to the owner! From the various dates given the oldest is 1863 and the latest 1870.




So you're going to leave us all, Nellie
Going away in the morn.
Away from the home you have loved, Nellie
The village where you were born.
Away from the fields and flowers, Nellie
The friends who have loved you here
Your white-haired father and all, Nellie
All, all that the heart holds dear.

New faces and friends you will see, Nellie
To think of by night and day.
And you soon will forget the old, Nellie
Forget, when you're far away.
Another your beauty will praise, Nellie
Your dimples and eyes of brown
And happy I hope you will be, Nellie
Afar in the dusty town.

Look, there is the school on the hill, Nellie
We went to as girl and boy.
And the woods in the evening gold, Nellie
That rang with our shouts of joy
And here is the lane where we sat, Nellie
How often, when school was o'er.
And you're going to leave them all, Nellie
And maybe come back no more

I'll be down in the morning soon, Nellie
To bid you the last goodbye.
Though I know when I see your face, Nellie
The tear will be in my eye
But I'll give you my hand for all, Nellie
I'll give you my blessing too.
And pray, though another's you'll be, Nellie
That Heaven may smile on you.

Signed - Pollie


Ellen with her eldest daughter, Ethel Phoebe 1878

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