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Sixth Generation

08 October 1907 - 04 November 1996


Wife of Raymond

THE LYMINGTON TIMES - 04 December 1976

Last week's Jubilee Christmas Fair, organised by the League of Friends of Lymington Hospital and Infirmary, realised record gross takings of £2.257. Since the first Fair was held 25 years ago, Lymington Hospital and Infirmary have benefited by more than £25.000 - and principally responsible for organising the event since it's inception has been Mrs Elsie Klitz.

This year's Jubilee Fair was to be her last, Mrs Klitz having previously stated her intention to retire as organiser and last week the League's chairman, Mr Nigel Pidsley, offered thanks for her indefatigable work over the years. He remarked, "Although it was not a single handed effort, and many supporters such as Miss Sylvia Watson had also been in from the start, it is the boss who bears the brunt of any failures who should take the credit for the success". Mr Pidsley read a long scroll, signed by all the stallholders and helpers at the Fair, whose League President, Mr Frank Price, presented to Mrs Klitz along with a solid gold charm in the shape of a rocking chair, to mark her retirement. Mrs Klitz, in her turn, thanked all those who had assisted at the Fair and the public for their support: "Its an effort by the whole town", she said.

Although the Fair brought in record takings, the attendance was down from 600 to 500 - and the financial result was up on last year only as a result of Mrs. Klitz's Jubilee Appeal - a total of £495 compared with £123 in 1975.

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Elsie May Klitz