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Fourth Generation

27 December 1854 in Lymington - 1940 in Guildford

Ninth child and fourth daughter of Robert John and Phoebe Green.

Letter from Fanny to her brother William Lawson

P.add. Herr Arthur Schmidt
January 17th 1902

My Dear Will
Many thanks for sending me the photograph of yourself and the boys, I suppose it is lately taken. I think they all come out well, Leslie and Anthony may have altered most I think.

Fraulein Schmidt, the lady here, took a fancy to Leslie, she thought him such a pretty boy - he has grown very much since I saw him - and Anthony has grown almost out of knowledge.
I fancy Wilfred has altered, he looks more like his mother than any of the others - Reggie is quite manly looking but of course he is nearly 21 now - Harold and Stewart have not altered much - I am very pleased to hear Stewart is beginning life for himself, I heard he had a little difference with Mr Barker, and I hope that will be made up - that they will not work against one another, I have always heard he was very much attached to Stewart, I hope the latter has a good chance - of course he is the younger man.

I copied a certificate of the Great Uncle’s birth and translated it as I know it was no use to send the German version - so that you can see the name was Klitz with K. in 1774 where its spelt Klitzin is only the Old German - which has dropped off so many words - Ludwig Klitz at Biebrich gave it me the day I spent there - they regret the sons, meaning my brothers, do not speak or write English (German?) - they teach English in the school - its compulsory for two or three years - but have forgotten it - I think their stock of English might be put into a teaspoon - they may come over and see us someday.
They tell me their grandfather Friederich Wilhelm, once paid grandfather a visit to Lymington in the very early part of the 19th Century.

My time is up at the end of February - if I hear of a permanent post I should stay longer and if not I shall come back, the Germans make their plans so long beforehand.
I hope you are keeping well and Nellie better and all the rest well.

With love to everyone
Believe me
Your affectionate sister
Fanny Klitz

I like the photograph of the Church Tower the day the Bells came, it makes a lovely background - many thanks for it, Goodbye.

See THE EVENT to which Fanny was referring.


The five sisters

(Except for the youngest, Emilie Annie, we have great difficulty defining which sister is which! So the names are really guesswork and may well be attributed to the wrong person! (Names changed around following Carol's observations April 2005)

We think they are as follows - Left to right:
Mary, Fanny, Sissy, Louisa and Emilie Annie (centre front)

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Fanny Jemima