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Second Generation
German Tree

23 October 1774 - 01 March 1841

Third son of Johann Christophe of Lohnberg and Marie Elizabeth Schultzin. Married Christine Moser (05.03.1780 - 11.03.1857)

Two children
Karl - 1807 - 1867
Johann Philip - 26 June 1812 - 18 September 1883

Letter, dated January 17th 1902, from Fanny Klitz to her brother, William Lawson giving the following details:

Extract from the Church books of the parish of Lohnberg.

Anno 1774 - 23 October

This is to certify that an infant son was born to Christoph Klitz and his lawful wife Marie Elisobethe, maiden name Schulzin, this morning between the hours of 12 and 1oc. and was baptized on the 25th inst.

Godparents -
(1) Wilhelm Zipp
(2) Marie Margarethe Klitzin, Philipp Wilhelm Klitz's lawful wife
(3) Johann Friederich Hahn, Johann Hahn's lawful son.
(4) Marie Charlatana Schmartzin, Peter Schmartzin's lawful wife.

The name is: Frederich Wilhelm

Fanny points out:
1. That the surname in this year 1774 was spelt "KLITZ"
2. That "Klitzin" is the old German spelling - the 'in' no longer in use.

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Frederich Wilhelm