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20 September 2000


116M99: Business records of Klitz's Ltd and predecessor companies.

Klitz's music shop in Lymington is reputed to have been established in 1789 by Georg Philipp Klitz, who had joined the Flintshire Regiment in Germany and may have been stationed in Lymington. The business continues to appear in directories under his name, as Professor of Music and the German language, and music seller until 1832.

After his death in 1839 his son, Robert John Klitz took over the shop at 88 High Street, Lymington, which continued to be run by the family until it closed in 1981. It appears as R. Klitz and Son in directories until c1930, and then as Klitz Music Warehouse (Leslie Klitz), musical instrument dealers.

Initially the firm specialised in the supply and repair of musical instruments and the supply of sheet music, but in the mid-twentieth century the firm took advantage of new opportunities: by 1970 the company's principal activity lay in the sale, hire and repair of television, radio sets and tape recorders.

Henry John, son of Robert John, established a business in Southampton which traded until c1990.


116M99/A Music shop day books - these volumes record the transactions relating to the sale and repair of musical instruments and supply of sheet music. Many of the customers come from Lymington or nearby parishes, but there are others from further afield. It appears that tours were made in western Hampshire and eastern Dorset, as far as Wareham and Swanage, to tune pianofortes.  
116M99/A1 Music shop day book 1845 - 1850
116M99/A2 Music shop day book 1854 - 1857
116M99/B Klitz's Ltd, radio and television shop  
116M99/B1 Minutes of Annual General Meetings with directors reports 1961 - 1980
116M99/B2 Statement of Affairs of Klitz's Music Warehouse Ltd 1950
116M99/B3 Annual accounts - 12 items 1960 - 1971
116M99/B4 Annual accounts - 8 items 1972 - 1979
116M99/B5 Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting and draft agreement for sale of shares - 2 items 1980
116M99/C Klitz Family 1980
116M99/C1 Accounts of the executors of Norman Leslie Charles Klitz includes references to 88 High and 1-3 New Street, Lymington - 3 items 1956 - 1964
116M99/C2 Klitz family Tree compiled by Robert Eede Klitz in 1986 and subsequently up-dated. 1956 - 1964

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