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Fourth Generation

1851 - 05 June 1926

Seventh child and second daughter of Robert John and Phoebe Green

Information to Bob from Robert Barrett dated: 09 October 1987. Robert took the following information from entries on the London I. G. I. Unfortunately it didn't give the father's surname and if it was our Louisa she would have been only 17 at the time of birth, but in that era it would be quite possible. However those are Louisa's initials at the end of the following poem then she was still a 'Klitz' in 1871!

"Baptisms: Augusta Rebecca - daughter of Rodolph and Louisa Klitz born 13 October 1867. St Mary Soho."

N.B. In the same I. G. I. register the marriages of both James Frederick and John Henry are given

A family autograph book is amongst the memorabilia that has survived these many years. There is no acknowledgement as to whom the book belonged but several family members contributed to its pages. Louisa penned the following lines:


Keep working ‘tis wiser than sitting aside
And dreaming, and sighing, and waiting the tide.
For life’s earnest battle they only prevail
Who daily march forward and never say fail.

With eyes ever opening, a tongue that’s not dumb,
A heart that will never to sorrow succumb
You’ll battle and conquer than thousands assail
How strong and how mighty who never say fail.

In life’s rosy morning, in manhood’s fair pride
Let this be your motto your footsteps to guide.
In storm and in sunshine whatever assails
We’ll onward and conquer and never say fail.

Signed: L. E. K. Jan. 6 / 71

Sisters - Mary, Fanny, Amelia, Louisa and Emilie Annie (centre front)
Please note: The identities of the girls in this photo, with the exception of the youngest, Emily Annie, is pure guesswork! We have no confirmation of the others.

Louisa's Death Certificate

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