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Blundell 1906 - 1993
Of Irish origin, from the Gaelic name 'Eibhlin' which is probably derived from Evelyn. The combination 'bh' is normally pronounced as a 'v' , but sometimes dropped as in Eileen.

Natalie Carmel Elaine Klitz 1982 - to date
From the Old French, originally a version of Helen but now a name in its own right. Elaine was one of the women who fell in love with Lancelet in the Arthurian Romances.

Elizabeth Sophia Klitz 1804 - 1863
Louisa Elizabeth Klitz 1851 - 1926
Betty Christine Klitz 1929 - 14.01.2014
Bettina Madeleine
Tenison Smith 1929 - 1996
Lucy Elizabeth Klitz 1969 - to date
Maryanne Elizabeth
Alderton 1956 - to date
Originally Elisheba, ‘God is my Oath’, wife of Aaron in the Old Testament - Exodus 6:23. The spelling ‘Elizabeth’ as used in the Authorized version of the New Testament, the final ‘beth’ may have been altered by association with the Hebrew for ‘rest’.
Betty is used as a pet name for Elizabeth.
Bettina is an elaborate English form of Betty. It is used in Italy as a feminine form of Benedetto, the Italian version of Benedict. It has also long been popular in Germany.

Abigail Ellen
Nicholls 1984 - to date
Originally a variant of Helen although now a name in its own right.

Emily Annie Klitz 1856 - ?
Medieval form of the Latin name Aemilia. It was revived in the 19th Century but there was much confusion between Amelia and Emilia.

Emma Louise Chevauhn Klitz 1985 - to date
Norman of Germanic origin. A short form of any of various compound names such as Ermintrude and Ermingarde.

Ethel Phoebe Klitz 1877 - 1947
Of Germanic origin. Short form of various girls’ names that were revived in the 19th Century such as Ethelburga meaning 'noble fortress', or Ethelfleda meaning 'noble beauty'.

Erika Bertha Klitz 1922 - ?
Joline Erica
Malcolm 1994 - to date
Erica is the latinate feminine form of Eric. Coined towards the end of the 18th Century no doubt because of the fact that Erica is the Latin word for heather.

Evelyn Anthony 1894 - 1915
Evelyn Mary Klitz 1913 - 1995
Evelyn Dorothy Klitz 1919 - to date
Is used as either a boy’s or a girl’s name. The original Norman name was Aveline.

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