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Harold Philip 1875 - 1954
Old English origin. 'Here' meaning 'army' + 'weald' meaning 'rule'. Reinforced before the Norman Conquest by the Scandinavian cognate Haraldr, introduced by the Norse settlers.

Helena Augusta Klitz 1887 - 1908
Latin form of Helen. From the classical legend name of the Greek Helene, the famous beauty who sparked the Trojan War.

Ludwig Heinrich 1697 - 1769
John Henry 1816 - 1880
Henry 1819 - ?
Henry John 1848 - 1934
Hubert Henry 1881 - 1943
Heinrich Frederich 1889 - 1956
Heinrich Karl Walter Heinz 1926 - 1985
Werner Ludwig Heinrich 1953 - to date
Of Germanic origin composed of 'haim' meaning 'home' and 'ric' meaning power.
Steadily popular since the time of the Conquest, including the eight Kings of England with the name.

Hilary Julia
Lichfield 1950 - to date
Medieval form of the Latin name Hilarius meaning cheerful. From this time onwards it was borne principally by men (in honour of the 4th Century theologian St Hilarius of Poitiers).
The name is now more commonly given to girls.

Hubert Henry 1881 - 1943
Norman, of Germanic origin composed of 'hug' - heart, mind, spirit + 'berht' meaning famous. Popular in Medieval Britain. An 8th Century St. Hubert became Bishop of Maastricht and is regarded as the patron saint of hunters.

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