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Katherine Mary Klitz 1898 - 1967
Katherine Dawn
Harding 1988 - to date.
From early Christian tradition, name of a saint martyred at Alexandria in 307. From an early date it was affected by association with the Greek 'katharos'. (Katharine is the favoured American spelling).

Kathleen Mary Klitz 1881 - 1976
Irish origin. Anglicised form of Caitlin.

Jeanette Kim
Harding 1958 - to date
Originally a boy’s name - a short form of Kimberley. Now an independent name usually given to girls.
The male hero of Rudyard Kipling’s novel Kim (1901) bore the name as a short form of Kimball (a surname used as a given name).
Kimberley is a town in South Africa, the scene of fighting in the Boer War, which brought it to public notice at the end of the 19th Century. The town was named after a certain Lord Kimberley, whose ancestors were associated with one of the places in England called Kimberley.

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