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Laura Sophie Camilla Klitz 1988 - to date
Feminine form of the Latin name Laurus ‘Laurel’. St. Laura was a 9th Century Spanish Nun who met her death in a cauldron of molten lead. The current use of the name dates from the 19th Century and was probably imported from Italy where it was very popular.

Louisa Klitz 1818 - ?
Louisa Elizabeth Klitz 1851 - 1926
Nora Cecile Louise Klitz 1888 - 1889
Marchant 1967 - to date
Emma Louise Chevauhn Klitz 1985 - to date
Anna Louise Klitz 1885 - 1970
Ursula Louise Klitz 1937 - to date
Louisa - latinate form of Louise first used in the 18th Century.
Louise - French feminine form of Louis introduced into England in the 17th Century.

William Lawson 1845 - 1923
Stephen Lawson 1962 - to date
The name Lawson is usually used as a surname. Law(es) means dweller by the hill. Pet form of Laurence, whence Lawson.

Christina Lee
Harding 1964 - to date
From the English surname, from Old English 'leah' meaning 'wood'. It is now especially popular in America. Sometimes given in honour of the Confederate General, Robert E. Lee.

Norman Leslie Charles 1888 - 1956
William Leslie Court
Harding 1961 - to date.
Of Scottish origin, from the surname or baronial name of the lands of Lesslyn.
The spelling Lesley is usually accorded to girls.

Douglas Lester
Green 1986 - 01.05.2014
From the English surname derived from the name of the town, Leicester, which name is recorded in the 10th Century as Ligora caester. Caester is an old English term for ‘Roman Fort’ .

Lucy Elizabeth Klitz 1969 - to date
Variant of Lucie, the Old French form of Lucia.

Lynda Gay
Harding 1957 - to date
LINDA is a new, popular name for the 20th Century. Possibly derived from the name Belinda. Or it may be of Germanic origin as with other girl’s names ending with 'lind' which means both ‘lime tree’ and ‘shield’. LYNDA spelling is not mentioned.

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