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Madeleine Edith Klitz 1879 - 1949
Bettina Madeleine
Tenison-Smith 1929 - 1996
Sally Madeleine Klitz 1950 - to 2011
Derived from Mary Magdalene, ‘Mary of Magdala’. Magdala was a village on Lake Galilee.

Margaret Klitz 1875 - 1884
Winifred Marjorie Klitz 1909 - 1999
From Margaron ‘pearl’ ultimately of Hebrew origin. Margery was the usual English form in the Middle Ages, now usually spelled Marjorie.

Marina Ruth Klitz 1964 - to date
Latin derived from a family name Marinus. Assumed to be identical with the Latin adjective 'marinus' meaning of the sea.

Martin Terrence
Green 1960 - to date
John Martin
Blundell 1947 - to date
Sara Martine
Harding 1994 - to date
From the latin name Martinus, possibly derived from Mars., the Roman God of War - and earlier of fertility.
Martin became very popular in the 4th Century, especially on the Continent, as a result of the fame of St. Martin of Tours. He was born in Upper Pannonia (now part of Hungary), an outpost of the Roman Empire. He was a leading church figure and largely remembered for having divided his cloak in half and given one part to a beggar. Martin Luther was also an influence, and American blacks may use it as a first name in memory of the civil rights leader, Martin Luther King.

Mary Augusta Klitz 1854 - ?
Kathleen Mary Klitz 1881 - 1976
Theodora Mary Klitz 1891 - 1958
Evelyn Mary Klitz 1913 - 1995
Audrey Marie Klitz 1911 - 1969
Mary Angela
Blackwell 1946 - 29.12.2013
Claire Marie
Blundell 1951 - to date
Maryanne Elizabeth
Alderton 1956 - to date
Jillian Marie
Malcolm 1988 - to date
Hannah Marie
Harding 1996 - to date
French Marie, Latin Maria. A new testament form of Miriam., meaning ‘drop of the sea’ (Latin, 'stilla maris', later altered to 'stella maris' meaning star of the sea).

Melanie Rachelle
Thiesen 1988 - to date
From an Old French form of Latin Melania, the name of two Roman saints of the 5th Century, a grandmother and granddaughter. Derived from the Greek 'melas' meaning 'black', 'dark'. The name was introduced to England in the early Middle Ages but has only become popular in the late 20th Century.

Charles Melville 1885 - 1959
From the Scottish surname, originally a Norman baronial name borne by the lords of a place called 'Malleville' meaning 'bad settlement', i.e. settlement on infertile land. The name was taken to Scotland as early as the 12th Century, and became a common surname there. Its use as a given name also seems to have originated in Scotland.

Michael Klitz 1921 - to date
From a Hebrew personal name meaning ‘Who is like God’. Name of one of the Archangels who is also regarded as a saint of the Catholic Church. In the Middle Ages Michael was regarded as a symbol of the Church Militant and the patron of soldiers. He was often depicted bearing a flaming sword.

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