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Sally Madeleine Klitz 1950 - to date
Sara Martine
Harding 1994 - to date
English. In origin a pet form of Sarah, but now treated as a name in its own right.
Sara is an abbreviation of Sarah, an Old Testament name of the wife of Abraham.

Simon Robert 1964 - to date
Simone Christine Klitz 1976 - to date
Usual English form of Simeon which is a biblical name from Hebrew meaning ‘Hearkening’.
Various persons in the New Testament bore the name: Two apostles, a brother of Jesus, a Pharisee, a Leper, a tanner, a sorcerer - who offered money for the gifts of the Holy Ghost, giving rise to the term 'simony', and the man who carried Jesus’ Cross to the Crucifixion.

Sissie Klitz 1855 - 1931
Pet form of Cicely came into use about 1890, but fell out again about 1920 probably because of the slang ‘sissie’ for effeminate. (Which is possibly from the kinship term sister).

Elizabeth Sophia Klitz 1804 - 1863
Laura Sophie Camilla Klitz 1988 - to date
From the Greek name for ‘Wisdom’. The Eastern legend of St. Sophia seems to be the result of a misinterpretation of ‘Hagia Sophia’ which means 'Holy Wisdom', as if it meant Saint Sophia. The name was popular in the 17th Century - the name of the heroine in Fielding’s novel, ‘Tom Jones’, was called Sophia Weston. In more recent years the actress, Sophia Loren may have had some influence.

Stephen Tennison
Hill 1952 - to date
Stephen Lawson 1962 - to date
Steven Luis
Landeta 1985 - to date
Usual English spelling of the name of the first Christian Martyr, whose feast is accordingly celebrated next after Christ’s own (26 December). The name is derived from the Greek word 'stephanos' meaning 'garland' or 'crown'.

Stewart George 1875 - 1945
Stewart William 1925 - 1993
Variant of Stuart. More usual as a surname.

Stuart Christopher 1952 - to date
Nicholas Stuart
Molden 1974 - to date.
From the French version of the surname Stewart. Introduced by Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. Usually an occupational name for someone who served as a steward in a manor or royal court house.

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