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Sixth Generation

01 November 1910 - 12 June 1942


Younger twin son of Reginald William and Edith Helen nee Ashford. Married, Marjorie Blanche Palmer (31 January 1907 - 09 September 1994) on 09 September 1939 at St. John the Baptist church, Cirencester

No children

Wedding Day

The twins were born in Wimbledon, south London, but there is no available history of the early years except they both attended Wrekin College, Shropshire. Pip joined the Territorial Army where he met Marjorie.

The twins on their 21st birthday

Pip and the family on the occasion of brother, Tony's 21st birthday

Pip with Raymond and friend

Died in 1942 having suffered abdominal problems - either Tuberculosis or Carcinoma. Ashes scattered in a favourite haunt of his and Marjorie's near Cirencester and subsequently joined with Marjorie's ashes.

New information has come to light following Ann's investigation of Genes Reunited. Marjorie's relation, Mark Palmer made contact and these are the new details:
Marjorie's Father - Lionel Hugo Palmer, born 22 October 1870 married 10 May 1906, to Blanch Balmford, born about 1875

Mark did give me a link to the Palmer family tree but it no longer works.

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Philip Ashford