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The Church of St. Thomas the Apostle

Christmas Eve, St Thomas Church, from an oil painting by Doreen Perry


There has been a church on this site for more than 800 years. During this time the building has suffered frequent and extensive damage but continual reconstructions and additions have enabled the church not only to continue as a souvenir of the past but as witness of an ever living faith.


The West Door
Designed and made locally and erected in 1950.

The Narthex
This was added in 1811 extending the length of the church and enclosing the former west wall. Near the font is a pilaster attached to the west wall, which formerly supported the last vault of the north arcade. The date of this pilaster is about 1250 and is the oldest piece of existing fabric in the building.

The Stone Bosses
Situated in a case on the Narthex staircase used to adorn the pre-reformation roof until 1911, when the roof was renewed.

The Baptismal Font
Installed in 1873 and the cover presented in 1924. The figure of Christ is a miniature reproduction of the great statue, situated on the Norwegian coast, by the sculptor, Thorwaldson.

The Courtney Chapel
Dates from about 1325 and was formerly the Mortuary Chapel. It was restored between 1927 and 1931. Here, the east window was installed in 1936 and the north window dedicated in 1948.

The Sanctuary
On either side of the altar are fragments of the arcades in the Early English Style of the 13th Century

The choir stalls
These were renewed in 1949. If you visit the church notice the carved poppy heads and look at the memorial hatchments on the walls. The date of the oldest brass memorial is 1668.

The pulpit
This was made in 1911 to replace the existing three decker pulpit. It was installed in it's present place in 1950.

The Galleries
The north gallery, built in 1792 to replace a smaller one. The south gallery was added in 1811

Extensive restorations were undertaken in 1864, 1906, 1911 and 1931 and were followed by redecoration in 1968. You are invited to visit the church and see the details for yourself.

Leaflets and booklets are available about the church life, it's work and worship.


The church in 1902

  "The musical part of the church services was accompanied by a small orchestra before a fine organ was installed in 1831. Members of the Klitz family acted as the church organists for the next 56 years."

From 'Lymington' - booklet by Brian J. Down


The Hampshire Telegraph Saturday October 15th 1831

Our anticipations were more than realised on Thursday last at the Musical Festival at Lymington, on the occasion of opening the new organ in the church, built by Mr. Walker of London.
The performance commenced with the opening of the organ by Mr. P. Klitz, which gave us an opportunity of appreciating the very great merits of the instrument; and was followed by a selection from The Messiah, The Creation etc.
The solo performers, Miss George, Mr. A. Loder, Mr. C. Klitz and Mr. C. H. Purday, acquitted themselves much to the satisfaction of a very numerous and respectable company. The choruses were most ably performed, and did great credit to the gentlemen amateurs, mostly of the town, as well as to their leader, Mr. P. Klitz, whose taste, judgement and execution were the theme of universal praise amongst the best judges present.


New Church Bells were installed in 1901 and it looks as if all the folks of Lymington turned out for
The Event!

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St Thomas Church