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Fifth Generation

16 May 1883 - 14 May 1940


Fourth son of William Lawson and Ellen Gossling married Dora Kathleen Welch

Wilfred was primarily a superb business man and money–spinner. He made a fortune for the company of Furriers in Mincing Lane for whom he worked only to have the company lose the lot.

His partner jumped off Beachy Head before Wilfred could persuade him that he could build the business back up again, which he later succeeded in doing.

He received the M.B.E. for designing and utilising skins for the troops.

He put Ł32,000 in trust, later reduced due to the Pepper crash.

There were no children and Wilfred's wife Dora became a recluse after his death. She lived in their dormer bungalow called "Dorville", in Epsom Surrey.

Wilfred was clearly a wealthy man. In his Will, made in 1928 with a further codicil in 1930, he left his wife well provided for and willed monies to all his then living brothers and sisters. (Copy of the Will available in the family archives)

Note: Michael John Klitz (changed his surname to Kaynes) worked for Wilfred for 3 years before branching out on his own.

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Wilfred Robert