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Fifth Generation

1885 - 1959


Third son of Henry John and Francis Edwards.
Married Bessie Parker - 10.03.1892 - 25.11.1983 died in Cornwall, on 21 August 1920 at St. Paul's, Southampton

Two children
Jean Arbor - 02 March 1926 - 07 September 2017
Anne Francis - 06 June 1930 - 24 February 1999

Betty's reminiscences - Uncle Charlie and Aunt Bessie lived at Wilton House, Wilton Avenue Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. We would sometimes visit to "play nicely with Jean and Anne". This was often combined with visits to the Forest for picnics and paddles.

New information from Chris Marchant - Charles died at the wheel of his car, while collecting Chris's mother - Eileen Blundell, from Winchester station. Eileen was unhurt.

2020 News: We have discovered that Charles took over the Southampton Piano business when Henry John died. A piano dated from the 50's is marked as an H. J. Klitz version. This detail was sent to me from someone who was sorting out the house of his Uncle who lived in Southsea. Simon Klitz went to see if he could find some details about it and his findings are below:
"Regarding the age of the piano there are a couple of clues that makes me think it is 60 years old assuming the following; The H. J. Klitz and Sons business was in Bedford Place, Southampton and was run by Uncle Charlie under the same name in the late 50's early 60's when this piano was bought. If you look at my photo showing the front of the mechanism, top right there is a plaque saying it is a Roberts piano, so I think Uncle Charlie bought this in possibly new and then put H. J. Klitz and Sons name on it and resold it. There is also a frame number 5,106 which would give it an appropriate date".
The piano is therefore not an original H. J. Klitz model. With many thanks to the original person who drew my attention to it.

Jean and Anne


Charles Melville 1885 July 1959
=Bessie Parker - 10.03.1892 - 25.11.1983
Anne Francis - 06.06.1930 - 24.02.1999  --  Jean Arbor - 02.03.1926 - 07.09.2017
=1 Douglas Alderton - ? - ?
=2 Kenneth Marsden - ? - ?
  Maryanne Elizabeth Alderton
22.09.1956 - to date
=Stephen Nicholls - 19.05.1954 - to date
               Abigail Ellen Louise Nicholls
13.08.1984 (Truro) - to date
 --  Bethany Mary Jane Nicholls
27.05.1988 (Truro) - to date

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Charles Melville