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Fourth Generation

19 September 1856 - ?

Picture dated 02 March 1886

Tenth child and fifth daughter of Robert John and Phoebe Green.
Married: 1. Robert Munton Shilcock - 1847 - 1887
2. Henry Allan (1853 - ?)

Ancestry.com England and Wales Civil Registration Index states: "Emily Annie Klitz married December quarter 1886 in Hampshire." No other details given

A family autograph book is amongst the memorabilia that has survived these many years. There is no acknowledgement as to whom the book belonged but several family members contributed to its pages. Emilie Annie penned the following lines:


Black eyes most dazzle at a ball
Blue eyes most charm at evening’s fall.
The Black the conquest soonest gains
The Blue the conquest best retains.
The Black bespeaks a lively heart
Where soft emotions soon depart.
The Blue a steadier flame betrays
Which lives and burns beyond a day.
Then let each reign without control
The Black all mind, the Blue all soul.

Signed: E. A. K. 6th January 1870

Mary, Fanny, Amelia, Louisa and Emilie Annie (centre front)
Please note: The identities of the girls in this photo, with the exception of the youngest, Emily Annie, is pure guesswork!
We have no confirmation of the others.


Emily Annie 19.09.1856 – ?
=1 Robert Munton Shilcock - 1847 - 1887
=2 Henry Allan - 1853 - ? widower. Married 28 November 1889 at Crydon
Alwyn Munton Allan - ?
Mary Flora Julia Allan - b. 30.12.1879 in Tamil Nadu, India. d.1969 Whitby, Yorkshire
Henry Allan - 1882 - ?
Andrew Allan - 1883 - ?
Sydney Allan - 1885 - ?


N. B. Mary Flora married: Rev. Frederick William Austen - 1873 - 1968
Rev. Frederick's father was - Capt Herbert Grey Austen RN
Capt Herbert's father was - Admiral Sir Francis William Austen GCB 04. 1774 - 10.08.1865
Admiral Sir Francis' sister was - Jane Austen 1775 - 1817

Thanks to Stuart Green for discovering this new connection with Jane Austen.

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Emilie Annie