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Fourth Generation

24 April 1836 - ? 1881

Only surviving son of Philip Klitz and Charlotte Lyte.

New investigations obtained by Ann from the later Census records have now produced the following details:

George Philip married first on 15.08.1863 in Southampton - Anna Maria Jeffery (1872-1869)
No records have been found of any children from this marriage

Details fron Stan Austin:
Southwell Registration District records (Nottingham) give the following information:
"George Philip L. Klitz married on 12.04.1871 - Amy Watson (1871 - ?) in Southwell in June quarter 1871.

One daughter - Amy Rose (27.11.1874 - ?)

Amy Watson, George's wife, was widowed in 1881, which therefore enables us to fill in George's date of death to within a possible 6 years - from the birth of Amy Rose. (Information obtained from the 1901 Census)

From the 1881 census:
Census Place: Prebend Yard, Southwell, Nottingham, England
Source: FHL Film 1341805 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 3368 Folio 7 Page 7

Thomas C. WATSON, Head aged 60 Widower Born: York England Occupation: Solicitor
Amy KLITZ, Daughter aged 30 Widow, Born: York England, Occupation: None
Amy R. KLITZ, Grand Daughter aged 6, Born: Southwell, Nottingham.

We are indebted to Stan Austin for this information. He found our website while looking for Internet information on Charlotte Lyte, to whom he is distantly related. Stan also suggests that George's middle name might be Lyte after his mother as this was quite a usual naming procedure during these earlier generations, especially in the Lyte family.

1902 Census puts Amy Rose and her mother living in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne. There is now further information about Amy Rose and her descendants - Read the details from the link at the bottom of this page.

George Philip succeeded his father playing at the organ of All Saints Church, Southampton.


The following Advertisement appeared in the Hampshire Times on Saturday 06 June 1874


Thursday 11 June 1874

Under the Immediate Patronage of the Worshipful the Mayor G. E. Kent Esq.

Mr Philip Klitz (Society of British and Foreign Musicians) Organist of St Mark’s Church, North End, has kindly consented to give his Popular, Literary, Historical and Humorous Entertainment.


In the large hall at North End, as given by him of upwards of one hundred times in London, Dublin, Plymouth, Dover, Devonport, Southampton, Folkeston, Buxton, Malvern, Leaminster, Canterbury, Winchester etc.

The Programme consists of Vocal and Instrumental Illustrations, Songs, Solos on Pianoforte, Harmonium and English Concertina etc.

Admission 6d. Reserved seats 1s. To commence at 8.30 pm
Carriages at 10”.


A Report in The Hampshire Times Saturday 23 July 1874

MR PHILIP KLITZ - We have already had occasion to speak favourably of the ability of Mr Philip Klitz, the newly-appointed organist of St. Mark’s Church, both as a performer on the organ, piano and English concertina, and as a lecturer on the history and theory of music. It remains for us however to state that Mr Klitz is distinguished as a teacher of harmony, singing and composition and has earned an honourable reputation as a composer. When so accomplished a professor as Sir W. Sterndale Bennet writes of his system, "When young persons beginning the pianoforte ask me how to commence, I shall say "Get Klitz’s Instructor"; and when it is known that Mr Klitz possesses testimonials from all the most distinguished musicians of the day, little more remains for us to do than to call attention to some of the works which he has issued.

Mr Klitz's writings comprise essays in all styles of composition, sacred and secular, dance and vocal, solo and concert music. He is the composer of a Cantata, "The Viking"; of "The Lord’s Prayer" arranged as a trio; of a Grand Fugue in C major for full organ and of songs without number.
His principal works are a collection of "Sacred Melodiesŝ, chiefly selected from the writings of his late Uncle, the Rev. Francis Lyte, and comprising original arrangements of "The Lord’s Prayer", "Abide with me", "Hark the Herald Angels", "Jerusalem the Golden" and a variety of chants, psalm tunes, Glorias, sacred songs and anthems; and "The Tutor’s Assistant" which has been specially constructed to combine usefulness with pleasure in teaching the pianoforte.

This latter work has received the commendations of the very best judges. Sir Sterndale Bennet congratulates the author on his system; Blumenthal praises its clearness and comprehensiveness; Mr Brindley Richards thinks it will be acceptable to both teacher and pupil; Mr Lindsay Sloper cordially recommends it and Mr Charles Halle considers it extremely good and useful. Such being the case, need more be said respecting it?

We may remark that the "Assistant" embodies a well-devised plan for giving fluency of action to both hands, rising progressively from simple scales to more complicated exercises and communicating a progressive acquaintance with the theory as well as the mere art of music.
Mr Klitz believes in 'steps' to efficiency, and in one of them he pays particular attention to the development of the thumb, believing that an easy and independent movement of the thumb is absolutely necessary to enable a pupil to acquire a smooth and brilliant delivery.

A short newspaper item which has not been named or dated reads as follows:
Mr G. C. Burry of Addiscombe, writes to corroborate the letter in our last issue with reference to Mr Stewart G. Klitz's ancestry. "When a boy organist at Holy Rood Church, Southampton, in the fifties (Crimean War period), I was acquainted with Mr Philip Klitz, who was organist of the important church of All Saints in that town. Mr Klitz was the leading professor at that time and, on his decease his son, Mr George Klitz, succeeded him at All Saints. The Klitz family had been known for very many years as residents in the locality, and I have since ascertained that our Mr Stewart G. Klitz's family were related to the Southampton one."

Philip 07.06.1805 - 12.01.1854
= Charlotte Amelia Lyte - 20.06.1809 - 03.06.1883
George Philip Lyte 1836 - ? 1875
=1. Anna Maria Jeffery - 1842 - 1869
=2. Amy Watson - 1851 - ?
Amy Rose
27.11.1874 - ?
=1. Walter Neville Kew - 1862 - ?
=2. Matthew F. Muse - ? dob/d
Alan Lyte Kew 1904 - ?  --  Ruth Neville Kew
18.08.1906 - 01.04.1985
=Walter Arlosh Travers - 1903 - 1970
Frances Travers
1930 to date
 --  Alan Travers
1933 to date
 --  Ann Elizabeth Travers 30.10.1937 - 23.03.2003
=John Hamer 1934 to date
Sally Hamer 1963 to date
=Roger Keenleyside 1961 to date
 --  Michael Hamer
1967 to date
 --  Richard Hamer 1969 to date
=Sarah Anne Young 1972 to date
Francesca Keenlyside  --  Morgan Keenlyside  

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