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Fifth Generation

1883 - 1941


Second son of Henry John and Francis Edwards.
Married Janet Gibb (Netty) - ? - ?
subsequently suffered a difficult divorce.

Two children -
Charles Greville - 1914 - 1946 - Married Elizabeth Barrett
Greville's untimely death was due to Hodgkinson's disease.

Michael John - 26.04.1921 - 24.05.2014 - Married Elizabeth Klitz nee Barrett. (widow) No children. Died in 2012.
Both died in a nursing home near Bournemouth.

Michael changed his name to Kaynes because of the general attitude to anything German post wartime. For a time, Elizabeth was unable to get a job abroad because of it.

Michael and Elizabeth, who finally lived in Christchurch, visited Ann and Malcolm, and Malcolm, Ann and their daughter, Joanna also visited them both in Christchurch on two occasions. They were much-travelled, beginning straight after their marriage in Kensington Registry Office by going direct to Buenos Aires. Following this living and working in many other countries.
Michael said he could speak several languages including Mandarin. He collected snuff boxes and other antiques.


Jack on the left, with Hubert Henry and Henry John


John Mellor (Jack) 1883 - July 1941
=Janet Gibb - ? - ? Marriage disolved.
Charles Greville - 1914 - 1947
=Elizabeth Barrett
Michael John - 26.04.1921 - 24.05.2014
=Elizabeth Klitz nee Barrett (Widow) born: ?. Died 2012

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