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Third Generation

1813 - 02 October 1870

Fourth known child of Georg Philip and Elizabeth Lane.
Married Sarah Everard from Wellingborough - 1815 - 16 June 1883 at St Dunstan, Stepney on 02 July 1850.

Moved to Northampton from London about 1840/41. He found a position in the service of a Mr Sternberg of Abingdon Street, and was engaged in the tuning and pianoforte department.

"He offered his services to the nobility and gentry as a 'pianoforte, quadrille player'. By October 1841 he had his own business at 1 St Giles Street as 'Professor of Music'

He was also a conductor and wrote several pieces of music. The originals are housed in the Northampton Museum

James Frederick died a prominent Northampton citizen and his capable widow continued with the business until her death in 1883.

James and Sarah's only son

Arthur Everard

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James Frederick