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Fourth Generation

1853 - 1931

Only son of James Frederick and Sarah Everard. Married Kate Cooper (1863 - March 1935)

Four children
Percy Everard - 1887 - 1914
Arthur Geoffrey - 1888 - 1897
Christopher James - 1894 - 27 November 1958
Katherine Mary - 1898 - 1967




It is thought Arthur was apprenticed in a London Piano house and returned, on his father’s death, to help in the Northampton business.
Arthur’s wife had been his piano pupil, some of his printed music being dedicated to her. They had a piano and sheet music business at 77 St. Giles Street, Northampton and lived ‘over the shop’. The music business continued in Arthur’s hands until the 1930s. It was continued after Arthur’s death, by M. E. Burnham until the 1950s. The Klitz name appeared over the shop-front below that of M. E. Burnham until the business closed.

Arthur was in touch with his Lymington relative, Robert Augustus and they exchanged copies of their compositions. Around the early years of the 20th century the Northampton and Lymington family members paid visits to each other which are recorded in photographs in two albums compiled about 1906 by Percy Everard Klitz. Both albums are held in the Northampton Museum



SYLVIA - “Valse de Salon for the Pianoforte, inscribed to Miss Higgins” (probably Emily Higgins whose father was mayor of Northampton in 1867)
Published by Willey & Co. 14a Great Marlborough Street, W. (No. 1087) Pianoforte Solo

ELAINE - “Mazurka de Salon” Pianoforte Solo
Published by Howard & Co. 28 Great Marlborough Street, W. (No 87)

FLEUR DE LYS - Gavotte for the Pianoforte by …….composer of the popular Golden Cross March” .
Published by E. Donajowski 24 Castle Street, Berners Streeet, W. (No. 356) Printed in Leipzig.

GRAND MARCH - for the Pianoforte, respectfully dedicated (by permission) to Lady Knightley” (i.e. of Fawsley Park, Northants).
Published by Willey & Co. 7 Argyll Place, Regent Street, W.

MARCHE DES HERAUTS - Pianoforte Solo. Composed in 1882, as the original dated manuscript is preserved). Copy has autographed inscription - “for Kate Cooper, with best wishes from…..”.
Published by Swan & Co. 4, Great Marlborough Street, W. (No. 1188A)

Published by Swan & Co. 4 Berners Street, W. (No. 62A)

ADIEU - “Reverie for the Pianoforte”
Published by Swan & Co. 4 Great Marlborough Street, W.

THE GNOME KING - Caprice for the Pianoforte composed and dedicated to his pupil, Miss Lee (Irchester Vicarage) Pianoforte Solo.
Published by E. Donajowski 1, Little Marlborough Street, W. (No. 314)

A DREAM OF THE SEA - “Impromptu Caracteristique for the Pianoforte. Inscribed to Miss Kate Cooper”. Pianoforte Solo.
Published by C. Jefferys, 67 Berners Street London. (No. 2786)

SIX MUSICAL MINIATURES - as Pianoforte duets (for Master and pupil)

Published by Swan & Co. 4 Great Marlborough Street, W.



Many will mourn the passing of Mr. A. E. Klitz, a respected and revered Northampton gentleman, who died suddenly on Monday at his residence, 77 St. Giles' Street. Although the deceased gentleman - he was 77 years of age - had suffered from an attack of influenza, he had recovered sufficiently to be about conducting his business and attended church as usual on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, however, he was taken ill during the afternoon and rapidly became worse, passing away the following morning.

The founder of the well known music establishment which bears his name was his father Mr. James Frederick Klitz, who started a shop in Wood Hill. The late Mr. Klitz received his education at Kingston's School, after which he left Northampton to undergo training with Broadwood's in London.
He returned to Northampton and commenced a practice as a Professor of Music for Pianoforte and voice training. He was also well known as a composer of songs, pianoforte, regimental, and organ music.

When the Opera House was re-opened in 1887 "March des Herauts", one of his compositions, was played and he specially composed "The March of the Choristers" for the opening of the aisle in St. Edmund's Church in 1892. Thirty five years ago he reorganized his father's business, finally transferring it to St. Giles' Street.

The soul of courtesy and possessing a charming manner, the late Mr. Klitz enjoyed a wide circle of friends. He was devoted to his church, St. Giles' and, until he resigned a month ago, had been a sidesman for many years. He was also one of the managers of St. Giles' School.

Deep sympathy has been extended to his widow, his son Mr. Christopher J. Klitz (of Messrs. Pierce, Thorpe, & Marriott) and his daughter Miss Katherine Klitz. The eldest son, Mr. Percy Klitz, died a few years ago.

The funeral service took place on Wednesday at St. Giles' Church, followed by the interment at the General Cemetery.

Arthur Everard and Kate Cooper's children


Arthur Geoffrey




Arthur Everard 1853 - July 1931
Kate Cooper - 1863 - ?
Percy Everard - 1887 - 1914
Arthur Geoffrey - 1888 - 1897
Christopher James - 1894 - 27.11.1958
Katherine Mary - 30.10.1898 - 1976

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