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Third Generation

1812 - 1857. Born in Lymington

Fourth known child of Georg Philip and Elizabeth Lane

Married Mary Atwood, 1806 - 1864 married on 23 March 1843, in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

William was organist at St. Mary's Church Basingstoke.

From the 1851 Census it looks as though they ran a business - pub or hotel perhaps?
The pub was then called The Black Boy, 21 Upper Church Street, which is close to Basingstoke Town Hall. The pub changed its name to The Hop Leaf, until it closed down. The place where they lived is very close to the Black Boy although can't be identified more closely than that.
Thanks to Basingstoke Heritage for this information. Details here


Reading Mercury 26 August 1848 Basingstoke Race Ball
"The Race Ball took place at the Town Hall, on the evening of the second day of the race home of many of the neighbouring families, the attendance was not so numerous as last year. A considerable party however, of our local aristocracy were present and, judging by the late hour at which it broke up, the festive occasion would seem to have been much enjoyed. The well-sustained efforts of a first rate quadrille band formed no unimportant feature in the attractions of the evening.
A recollection of the excellent arrangements of last year rendered it almost a matter of course that music, refreshments and the entire management of the ball should be again confided to Mr. W. Klitz, who exerted himself most successfully; nothing that the best task and peculiar skill in his vocation could suggest, was omitted and he was deservedly rewarded by very flattering expressions of approval from several of the distinguished company."

Reading Mercury 1849 Basingstoke Race Ball
.....The refreshments and wines were of a superior description and reflected much credit of Mr. W. Klitz, by whom they were provided."


Details taken from Basingstoke Gazette 26 December 2014
Michael Whitty reviews Basingstoke Races by Jean Dale
The book first published Wednesday 5 November 2014 in Leisure News.

Basingstoke Races, Jean Dale. Published by Barry Dale and Basingstoke Archaeological & Historical Society.
The book is priced 6.50 and is available at Basingstoke Archaeological & Historical Society meetings, and at the Willis Museum and Milestones Museum. It will soon be available at Waterstones.

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