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Johann Christoph is the top generation shown on both Trees but the line might go back further than this, but records are no longer available to confirm the links. Heinz gave us the details about Ludwig Heinrich, father to Johann Christoph, but Wendy was unable to get confirmation of this in the Lohnberg records but, for reference, I have included his information on this page, in case any further details come to light.

Ludwig Heinrich (14 May 1697 - 05 October 1769) married Katherine Elizabeth Schwartz
Three children
Philipp Wilhelm (17 December 1738 - 04 January 1823)
Johann Christophe (05 January 1742 - 31 July 1818)
Wilhelm (1749 - ?)

The most knowledgeable part of the English family history starts with George Philip.

Wherever we have information about each related descendent there are links at the bottom of the parent page.
So for Georg Philipp there are only six links although there are 13 children, no information is available for the others.

The tree moves on with Philip, James Frederick and Robert John.

There was no available information about issue from George Philip, Philip's elder son, but some has now come to light, supplied by Stan Austin, who sent an email (April 2004) enquiring about Charlotte Lyte, Philip's wife to whom he, Stan, is distantly related.

Amy Watson, George's second wife, was widowed in 1881, which therefore enables us to fill in George's date of death to within a possible 6 years. (Information obtained from the 1901 Census, but we are unable to find the actual date of death registration) Amy Rose was the only child, so this branch of the Klitz family name ends here, but Amy Rose married and the tree continues in this line with new people and names.

James Frederick had four children but only one, Arthur Everard, produced any issue but there was no family from any of these either so this line also stops here.

The line therefore continues from Robert John.
Of Robert John's 11 children only Charles John, William Lawson and Henry John had issue. (To our knowledge)

Charles John had four children but there is no information to lead anywhere.

William Lawson had 11 children and Henry John four children and it is from the issue of these two gentleman that the line then continues.

I hope this gives you some idea of how to follow through the website.


As expected, because of their antiquity the picture quality is not always the best but I have not tried to remove the blemishes.

It isn't possible to show every picture and item of interest that Bob collected on these web pages, but the data is on files with copies of all the memorabilia where possible. Additionally, all this family data from my computer is on discs for the archives. Bob and I thought it appropriate to ultimately give the entire contents to the Lymington museum, unless there is someone prepared to continue with all this family information.

We hope the Family Tree is on-going even if no longer in England. In 2015 Simon, Bob's son has now agreed to take on all the family memorabilia and, hopefully, this website from me.

To view either of the Linear Trees, click on one of the animated trees on the top of this page, whichever indicates your choice. You can link to any member of your interest from these. Please note, not all members' information has yet been completed so clicking on some names will not get you anywhere!

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The Related topics are a personal addition of Ann's - in one way or another they have some reference to families!

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