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by Bill Klitz

Ludwig Heinrich (14 May 1697 - 05 October 1769) married Katherine Elizabeth Schwartz. Three, possibly five children

Son - Johann Christophe Klitz (05 January 1742 - 31 July 1818) was Stall Meiser (Master of Horse) to the Grand Duke of Nassau. Married - Marie Elizabeth Schultzin (16 May 1739 - 03 March 1797) Four children - three in Germany

One son - Georg Philipp (20 March 1777 - 15 April 1839) born in Lohnberg in Hesse, Germany, came to Lymington supposedly in 1789 but this is doubtful since he served in the English army 1793 - 1804 with the Emigreés as listed in Kings "Old Times Revisited" (Klitz spelt with a G)

Documents to prove his marriage, in 1801 at Boldre, to Elizabeth Lane of Lepe (1781 - 21 November 1838) Both are buried in the churchyard in Lymington. He was a professor of music in this town.

Georg's second son, also Philip, wrote music and a book "New Forest Sketches" in 1850 and his brother James Frederick, who went to live in Northampton, also wrote music.

Philip's brother, Arthur Everard ran a music business and taught the piano.

The younger brother, Robert carried on the Lymington business, establishing in 88 High St. This site, about 1675, was then the White Lion but later became the first Post Office until about 1840 then, until 1982, it was the home of the Klitz's. At this time (1882) a section of Quay St. belonging to the family was sold. The indenture for this has 6 different Klitz signatures.

Robert married Phoebe Green, daughter of the Pork Butcher, Green of 93 High St. Lymington having 10 known children. He was a Town councillor together with his son William Lawson and at one time there were two Klitz's and 3 King's on the Council. Robert died on Christmas day 1899.

His brothers Philip and Robert Augustus were church organists till late in the century

There had been a High Court action in Chancery over the Gossling estate - os 1860, which was won by the Family. The sums involved were £479/2/10 in New Consuls, £100 in consolidated Somerset and Dorset Railway Co. £1379/9/6 in India stock together with a sum of £450 this must have been used to alter the front of 88 High Street. (Papers relating to this are held with the family archives)

Henry John, brother to William Lawson established the business in Southampton with pianos in Bedford Place that only closed in the last 20 years.

William Lawson had 11 children.

Stewart became a well known auctioneer and estate agent in Croydon - only taken over in recent years under a different name.

Stewart's twin, Harold operated a piano business in Swanage for a time but became an hotelier after his marriage to Florence Lillington Badcock another well-known Lymington Name.

Phoebe created a very successful Gown business in Wigmore St. Her boutique was called 'Mary Brown'. She dressed 9 Queens - not British Royals and was entitled 'Mademoiselle'.

Wilfred, who was in Mincing Lane had the M.B.E. for designing and utilising goat skins for the Troops and in 1928, put £39.000 in trust later reduced due to the Pepper crash. His partner threw himself off Beachy Head as he had lost a million.

My father, Leslie continued the Lymington Business which from the 20s to the 50s was very successful; dealing in pianos, music, radio, records and sheet music. For several years it was important in the community as an entertainment centre and the Klitz Diary was created until the Community centre became established fully. As neither of my Sisters nor my Brother nor myself went into the business, Cousin Raymond ran it for the Family until we were forced to close in 1982 as there was no other family member interested in taking it over. We did try to sell as a going concern but that was not to be.

The end of an era but the town has honoured the family by placing a blue plaque on the property, of which I am justly proud and wish to continue to give the justification for the honour whilst I am able to do it. I serve on some 5 organisation committees and the town council.

There are only 3 Klitz boys left (In England) - My Cousin, Tony Klitz the Artist, has a son, Stephen. My Brother's son, Simon and my own son, Nigel who has only produced daughters.

Three years ago I met my very distant cousins - going back to 1800 - in Stuttgart, with my daughter, Wendy and were told where the Family home was in Wiesbaden which is where my daughter, Wendy lives and is to get married, so the cycle is completed in probably exactly 200 years.

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Family history by Bill